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Kay doing balance posture

photograph of Kay Westcott, yoga insructorKAY WESTCOTT worked for over 15 years in corporate America before renouncing her previous life to become a yoga instructor — one of only a handful who teach full time. Having put herself through law school, Kay worked both in the legal field and as a CPA.photograph of Lex Gillan, yoga insructor Her first yoga class was with Lex Gilllan at the Yoga Institute of Houston in the summer of 1987. She studied yoga and meditation for seven years prior to taking Lex’s teacher training course in 1994. She taught part-time, then began teaching full time in 1995. The teachings of Erich Schiffmann and Angela Farmer have made a huge influence on her teaching style. In Texas, Kay mentors her teaching with the legendary Billie Gollnick. 

Billie's teacher was Ernest Wood, who in his day was one of the West's foremost authorities on Indian thought and culture.  In Houston Kay takes classes with Senior Intermediate Level III Iyengar instructor Geroge Purvis